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Junior Polish Champion
Polish Champion


Breeder: Eunika Pastuszek - Poland
Owner: Janusz Zacharewicz

Baron was, is and always will be our No. 1

Not only because it was our first joint dog. Dog long-awaited, and for Kate - the dream. His exceptional commitment expressed wild with joy, welcoming us long characteristic barking passing in a howling. He enjoyed so even after a few-ten-minute absence. Although he loved the movement and open space, running across the fields always looked for us. In order him to quickly returned, we hid behind trees or in tall grass – he hurried quickly. Every time, he had happiness in eyes, when been coming back.


After moving to the country he gained much beloved space, but also a new friend - Ares. Young Ares did not follow the rapid Baron, so he did not depart too quickly and too far. When he went away one time – this last time, Ares have not been with him ...

Beside, he isn’t also No. 1 because he was a beautiful dog, noticed and appreciated by the judges. He was the Champion PL as two-years dog. This year he showed for the first time at the BIS (Koszalin 2007 - II). When he was three years delighted the connoisseurs of race, as evidenced by the highest podium for the dogs - Best in Show at Legnickie Pole 2008 exhibition. It was two weeks before ...

He was, is and always will be No. 1, because he took the highest place in our hearts!


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