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There was a time back in 2002 when all our different life paths came together, but we didn’t know yet at that point how important dogs were going to be for us.

Kasia – from the earliest childhood days dreaming about dogs; dogs to keep her company, to watch over her, but mostly to cuddle and to snuggle up to.

Janusz – for many years a member of a kennel club, head of the branch, with two breeding kennels behind him (German wirehaired pointer and miniature wirehaired dachshund). They might not have given too many litters but they sure gave a lot of joy.

In 2005 He showed up. The long awaited Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen of our dreams, bearing the proud name of Baron from the Rudis breeding kennel in Wroclaw. Right from the start it was different; he was greeting us with happy, joyful baying and singing that would last over ten minutes; there were long walks and lots of playing. Back came the shows. At the beginning there were no great successes; Baron had to mature first, so he was staying in our country house which we bought mainly because of him. From day one in the countryside he had a new pal – a Tatra Shepherd dog, Ares (APRIL Chluba Liliowej Przeleczy). The guys liked each other lots, though Baron was quite surprised when he was observing how each day what was first a white ball of fluff was turning into a big, slender and always willing to play sheepdog. A huge field of a few hectares behind the house became a paradise for them. Baron just loved the space. He would cover all of it with a constant sprint; he would sniff around, check all the nooks and crannies and come back with a happy face and his eyes asking, “Have you missed me? Cause I missed you lots!”

It happed on August 31, 2008. After the usual few minutes of running along the same paths Baron disappeared. He never came back. The hope that deer led him into the forest and he got lost lasted less than 24 hours. It turned out that the deer indeed did lead him away, only not into the forest but far away from home and onto a busy highway. Onto a highway with lots of cars on the way back from holidays. This time the hunting instinct proved to be stronger than missing home…

And that was only shortly after he matured. He matured to be a winner. He won a few prestigious awards, he became a champion, and two weeks before the tragedy he achieved his greatest success – Best in Show at Legnickie Pole.

The pain was unbearable. No more joyful greetings; coming home to the silence became a nightmare. Ares would spend hours on end lying by the gate, waiting for his friend to come back.

That’s when the need to fill at least part of this emptiness started. Another "Petit" was out of the question. None would have been as lovely and beautiful as Baronek was. We went to Czech Republic and came back with Czarus, a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen puppy. Czarus (CHARMING Danda Bohemia) managed to cheer Ares up. He had a friend again, and one that he could look after, too. He might not have filled the void after losing Baron, but he took up a place in our hearts immediately.

Today, dogs are our life. People ask if it’s not better to be travelling the world, visiting other countries. We tell them it’s possible. Just as it’s possible to be spending your time at some parties or concerts or any other events. There is one condition, though: whatever the event, it must involve dogs!

Ares gives us a feeling of security. He’s watching over it all. At the same time he is an incredible darling, really friendly to all the guests, as long as we are there as well.

Czarus managed to bring our dreams back to life. Dreams of a breeding a breed that hasn’t made it to Poland yet. Why not Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen?

July 2010 brought the most changes. On the 10th of July we got married! And only a week later there came a long awaited princess Frotka or, actually, Black Majesty FEMME FATALE – a beautiful little GBGV bitch. Our house is totally different now…

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